Here I am flamingo'ing about in my Topshop bargain sale trousers, I love how light they are and the muted pattern, but shoes are such a problem. I had to throw out my beloved Select ankle boots that were a dead ringer for the Acne Pistols (many a friend told me this I wasnt being deluded) as due to my wearing them to death - and probably the fact they only cost £13 - they had begun to look like a tramp shoe...the stereotypical drunk tramp with the soles missing and his big toe poking out kind. These Primark courts are great for work but I need me some low ankled stomping boots...problem is only under £50s may apply.

My dad just gave me this dollar bill that his american cousin had given him in 1969. Maybe its just my obsession with America but I swear these are cooler than our notes. Anyway I love its history and it shall be boxed-framed on my remember 'In god we trust'