Although freelancing is going ok, Im still not on the Chanel waiting lists, so on goes the charity shop hunt. Managed to pick up this jumper for £3 and the hat for a £1...could be urban outfitters renewal (lets pretend) mixed with my H&M leather skinnies. Somehow I ripped a hole the size of my knee in soon after taking this. Dont think im going to replace these in the hospice but I'l try!

So i'm back home in the countryside after my 3 month internship at Liberty, which was the best time ever,  and as much as going from fashion and cocktails to fields and early nights in watching 'Lewis' sounds AWFUL, I'm rather enjoying it. My ambition is to land the perfect job designing graphics for a super-cool fashion brand, so I'm busy writing cover letters and freelancing - when not being distracted by blogs, blogging, magazines and card-making (all completely necessary.) But I endeavour to not have the depressing talk again about how people waste their time going to university and end up working in Tesco anyway (thanks Dad) so I hereby promise myself I will find that dream job...just after a bit more blogging.

Have scraped my hair up horribly for the rain but hopefully the outfit still looks smart (with a hint of mid-drift)  Charity shop jacket, vintage sheer blouse and Topshop shorts, mixing the old with the new.

Original Army jacket brought by a friend to protect me from rain (it did not - I had asked for a poncho) for £1 at Reading Festival. After complaining at the time I havn't told him what a great item it now is in my wardrobe. Styled with H&M leather trousers and KG boots. 
First owner a 'Griffiths 1992L'


I found these old butterflies for i think around £3.60 - I originally thought the shop owner said £360.00 but thankfully she didnt, and I ran out the shop before she saw how pleased I was at the face i have not. Above is a framed vintage postcard I got in Paris thats dated 1916 and has the most beautiful handwriting on, one day I will translate it.

Miranda Hart's book...the most honest, ridiculous and brilliant book ever. 

Original 1970s velvet dress from 'Droopy Browns' found at local vintage shop. 
Styled with Zara top and Deena & Ozzy shoes.
Love the heavy material and low scoop neck - i'm on a mission to be braver and wear my vintage items more regularly, just need it to warm up a bit (a coat kinda kills it!)

Hello anyone who has found this blog! Im Lucy Dawn, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and this is my first delve into blogging my personal photos. I have avidly blogged all the pretty tumblr pictures I see with '' and have now been inspired to start my own personal blog to go alongside it. Hopefully someone in the bloggersphere will enjoy it as much as I enjoy others...